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Midori desu.Nice to meet you girl!
Arashi Magazines Translations DAISUKI♪
Just now I'm able to check all the Arashi stuffs so...there's a lot of things to watch ahuahuauha!
I haven't watched both,Face Down and Arashi Share a House,yet but I'm looking forward to it right?By the way...this "Arashi Share a House"...is some new program?!Is it about cooking?Like "Chubaw desu yo"?...
I'm making too many questions right?Gomen~
I just can't wait to watch "Platina Data"!!!

'What kind of food you like recently?'
NINO:CHEAP FOOD...ahuauhaua!
Thanks a lot for this!I reaaally enjoyed~
Have a nice weekend.Jaa!
"HAND POWER!" to you♪

山本 みどり


Are you Jacob's friend? ^^ Nice to meet u
You have to watch FD asap! I don't know what to say... but they are just so... XD especially MS.

Arashi share house is a new corner of Arashi-chan. It's a talking show... like VIP but the setting is in the house... they cooked together with the guest.

Ahh... Platina Data! Really tanoshimini~

Btw... are you japanese? Your name...

Account Deleted

I'm Jacob's friend~Nice to meet you too...hã...what is it your name?...
I'll try my best to watch them all ahuauha!
My name huh...well...I'm Midori Yamamoto,or if you prefer Midori Yamamoto and that's my name...in kanji...
But you know,my dad is a real japanese human being kkkkk!He's from Okinawa-Japan,he was born there.I'm nissei...?
kkkkk!Anyway,have a nice day na?


Call me Nii~ ^^

Oh, so you are Japanese-Spanish! I wondered your name is Japanese name but you read translations ^^
You speak Japanese?

Have a nice day too~

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Olá girls.Ohisashiburi na?...
How are you?!
Sunshine's in the house~Everybody put your hands up!Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!
Ahuauhahua...[sorry for that!I got excited]
Finally I managed to watch 'Face Down's performance...GIRLS...Sunshine...our ichi is really really hot!
But about the song...well,I just didn't like Sho's part!

AH!Nii...na?Nina right?
Midori is not spanish...she's brazilian!!!Her father is japanese from Japan and her mother is descendant of japanese...so I guess that makes her a 'nissei' person?...kkkkkkkkkk!But if I have to say it properly...she's really nihonjin-poi kkkk!


Hisashiburi~ How are you?

Wooww... Midori is really nihonjin!! Cool~ Both of you are cool! www Nice to know you, guys!

Speaking about our hot Ichi! www he's blond now!! @.@ Not my type but really LOL!! XD

Account Deleted

...JAPANESE-SPANISH?!NANDA KORE?!...SERIOUSLY...KKKKK!What did I said that made you think I was spanish?ahuauha~Sorry if I expressed myself wrong Nii,but as Jacob has already told you,I'm from Brazil...so I guess that makes me brazilian?!rsrsrs!(Excuse me for being sarcastic now...)
...about nihongo...BAAH TCHE!I can't understand it at all [just a few words and expressions...I KNOW!SHAME ON ME!!!]

Ninomiya's hairstyle...Hum...I'm a very suspicious person to talk about it you know;to me,if you're a japanese,then your hair should be natural and originally BLACK!That's just a common sense...kkkkkk!

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