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hello hana
and I love ARASHI
I was reading your translations
and did a great job
I would like to use your work to translate it into Spanish
thank you very much


Thank you...
Of course you can translate it into Spanish... ^__^
but my translation is not perfectly correct because I'm still learning...

btw, you can call me humz..


thank you very much
for answering
I had not noticed your answer XD are so distracted
this is my account http://hana-saku-moon.livejournal.com/
I am Chilean
I met arashi by hanadan
From there, I love them grows grows
Already more than three years
5 people that are so special, are my joy each day
and thanks to people like you who translate into English
I can know more about them
your translations are very good
I will work hard to translate into Spanish your work
I am happy to provide me your translation
私 は 努め て いきます

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