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How are you doing?Ohisashiburi desu ne?
So...summer right?Hum...yeah!Here,in NYC is already summer season,and it's hot...REALLY HOT!I don't like summer you know...it's incredibly uncomfortable to me.

Then...Non-no!Non-no Ohmiya♥YATTA!Ninomiya and Ohno are so damn cute...'supa besto capuru' ne?rsrsrsrs.Speaking of rain and Arashi,I remember their '5x10 Anniversary Concert Tour',at 'Beautiful Days' performance...Ninomiya was singing his part on the lyrics and his mic just DIDN'T WORK..AT ALL,and that because of the rain!Poor guy...a frustrated singer right?Rsrsrsr!Thanks Kamisama,super J was right there to help him [sharing his own mic] and just like that,he save Ninomiya's moment!
And that was my 'rain related episode'...ok!It wasn't mine kkkkkkkkkkkk!But I reminded...
That's all for today Ni~na!Thanks a lot for sharing this a-ma-zing magazine.GOOD WORK!
Have a nice day♪

山本 みどり


Hello Midori~
I'm doing fine here except the weather~ ^^ how about you? Ah... you live in NYC? If I'm not mistaken, Jacob is from London, right? I thought you live in there too ^^ OMG Sho-kun is in London NOw~

I remember that rabu2 part! I wonder why Jun shared his mic instead lend it to Nino! XDDD Baka!

Btw... I'm glad you still read my translation. Viva Arashi!!! XDDD

Have a nice day for you too~

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...gomen Nina,I guess I already asked you this but...where are you from?...

Hai,I'm living in NYC and my friend Jacob lives in London.The Olympic Games already started right?Uwah~I wish I could go to London...but it's kinda impossible...Well,at least,I till have the Olympic Games in my country [Brazil] in 2016!!!

And when Ninomiya simply kissed Matsujun's cheek all of a suden?!Ahauuhahua~Matsumoto-san was caught off guard right?And judging by his embarrassed smile,we can say he actually liked it!NO ONE CAN RESIST TO NINOMIYA'S cuteness♪
I ♥ Arashi Magazines translations!

[and this is my typepad account!]


Wow!! Next is Brazil! I wonder if Sho-kun will be appointed as caster too... He will be an Ojichan though. XDDDD The opening was amazing!!!! I wish I was there too...

Speaking of Nino's cuteness, I don't like his new hair. It's short but the color is like corn's hair. XDDDDD weird~

Btw, I'm from Indonesia ^^ and...COngratz for the birth of h4mbAg0miya!!!^^
Hambagu hands miya! XDD

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